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l2mo. volume of over 500 double-columned pages ; cloth, $1 60 ; leather, S2 00.

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saw in 1862, with Dr. Purcell, of this cit}', the patient being a child 11

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with the vomeronasal nerve, which Read ('08) and McCotter ('12)

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head and because the bones could be easily decalcified. The

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to patients, and especially by those who are exposed to the atmosphere

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month, as well as an impression upon the organ of smell, the

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considers the disease as taking its point of departure from the pia mater ;

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all the body below the head. He said it was difficult to breathe, and that

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probablj' will continue to be, commonly known by the name muscular

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exquisite in the right ileum and groin, and she screamed when

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July 23d. During a thunder-storm the patient was much frightened,

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disease than the stronger varieties, viz., sherrj^, madeira, port, and the

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sarilij accompanied with increased velocity of the current."

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two cicatrices, 4J per cent. ; among those who had three cicatrices. If per

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position that the patholog}' of the disease involves a morbid principle in

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an apoplectic attack. The patient is stricken down with apoplex}^ ; the

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tics are to be avoided. The hydragogue may be given in doses sufficient

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