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to push the matter, unless his colleagues were unanimous in its favour."

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biaced under the name valvular lesions may be arranged, according to

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abnormal character. The facts that metastases in syncytial cancer are

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ing; sometimes the whole head pains, and sometimes particular spots on the

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terially lengthen life. — ColL and Clin. JRecord.

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history, or the urine; particularly is it useful to

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student in Dr. H.'s office, that it was impossible for

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location in the dorsal and lumbar regions is practically

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for ordinary repairs ('80.420. 81), and two small items

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agree with Dr. Root entirely. I do not agree with Dr. Elias about

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a well recognized fact that effects become causes and thus a

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These measures are directed, not to a disease per se, but to the symptoms or

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took place in February, 1876, before the Medical Society of the county

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save insulating material, space and gravity, is worthy of ap-

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especially under observation, though the eftort to concentrate attention

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this tincture is said to be efficacious in chronic rheumatism.

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the foot frequently suffers. The hoof often separates, and the

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rule, of the large array of philanthropists in the Christian

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find any animal in which a disease, which can be consid-

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F. Vir. SAMUEU A.M^»LD^ A. D. WILLMOTH, VL D^ Editoct.

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very glad to talk about. What the Doctor said with regard to

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Tkm : Three globules in a teaspoonf ul of water, repeated at interyals-

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directions given, and the number of precautions they say are neces-

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flour and some hot milk ; stir on the fire until the mixture

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the crepitant rale in pneumonia, 'if we are to follow Lcennec's de-

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would scarcely be permitted to give his forenoons to calculus,

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tion. Bacteria may reach the system by means of the drinking water

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longer, or about in the same time in which patients usually die of

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This is the executive organ that presides over muscular

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balance of respiratory movement ; muscles of inspiration and expiration

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teria-containing pus of the infected part produces positive results.

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man's wishes, at the same time telling him that it is

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