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benefited by cold affusions. The Priessnitz compress is very highly
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The prognosis is almost wholly unfavorable. Occasionally recov-
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after continuous use. The sense of warm oh produced by the Japanese
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a Study, whether it is living on the mother or artificially.
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class. I have seen four instances, all of which recovered, while Osier has
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had given up the bath treatment some years ago was that they did not
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wet with liquor potassae and laid on the skin for two or three minutes,
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has proved the most useful hydriatric procedure in pneumonia.
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nity of the land so thoroughly guarded by their forefathers.
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that the contents of the alimentary canal should be evacuated
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temperature to which the malt is brought in the kiln deter-
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years ago I saw the man a few times, and gave him what I

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