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Pediculated tumors. Dyspnoea through change of position, operation by

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the case reported. I think the most common cause in our part of the

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to an irritation of the sympathetic, and is of opinion that the phenomenon will

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are eagerly assuming most of the responsibility for their own

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decision was anything but a decision by default, for the

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itself is an ideal place for such a meeting ; its ancient and

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the temperature beyond 34° or 35*^ (Centigrade). In most cases death occurred

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Experience has shown that catheterization of the sound urethra has

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" 11. The ethereal extract of the resin of veratrum album

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cease to allay the thirst by the repeated administration of small quantities of

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severe fever, the breathing becomes more hurried and, progressively, more

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outbreak of the disease.^ Up to the 24th of June, 1832, (that is

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eral, are not able to diagnose tuberculosis, especially in its

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mental sponge-grafting in the human orbit. The conception

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In the second, blood-letting is a less prominent and a less

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in the greatest degree. The pressure of a growth upon the mucous

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of palpitation, precordial pain and vertigo. The attacks of pal-

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In this malady the eyes are neither swollen, nor do they discharge any hinnour, but

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same affection showed themselves in his own person, extreme

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G. HARRY MELVILLE DUNLOP, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., 20 Abercromby Place.

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strument — punctured, when made by a sharp-pointed

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the return of diseases which recur periodically, pos-

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founded. It has been my observation that the erudition of the individual

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ren von Aspergillus niduians (Eidam) im Thierkorper.

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physical signs of a persistent thymusand a histor)-

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all our preconceived notions and apprehensions upon this subject.

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open and the closed ; in the former as few stops or

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