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citizen is entitled to the benefit of everything that will add to
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congested condition. I have, however, already mentioned how in-
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some cases foolishly excessive precautions are taken, to the
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tion of the heart, but rather one of temporary malnutri-
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that marks this peculiar cachexy. We should say that this disease,
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thology," Am. ed., p. 'HH, with the following exiilanation : "We can
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376' Burnett on the Microscope and Renal Affections. [Oct.
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know, but that does not matter; the kindly ine. Strychnine, Iron, etc., adding highly
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is a process of dissolving out active principles at ordinary tempera-
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remarks are here necessary. The tuberculous process after being
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others very deep, so that I was compelled j probably of the bone itself. I cannot speak
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exostoses, lipping of the joint-margins, and so on. This con-
estrace cream price bww
Anomalies of Refract ion and of the Muscles of the Eye. By F. B. Tiffany,
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the infiltrated cells appears. In regard to the treatment, he had only to say that, in
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cellular exudate. The emigration of white blood-cells does not exceed
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expectant treatment recommended by Dr Ware was largely em-
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during the summer solstice as well. During days of wind,
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tion, that it could hardly be touched." It is believed that this, amongst other
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ef^'usions result. This condition was named choleperitoneum by Deve,^
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and that a recent census shows that the number of lepers was 230
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Upraiding The Doctor.— Dr. Samuel Wolf, Physician to the Philadelphia Hos-
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the stomach, along the dotted line A I, and firmly molded
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