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the inflammation be very acute, or if a calculus be present, the pus may

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bowels returns occasionally notwithstanding the use of Lead and Opium pills.

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of the suppression of cervical ribs, have become altered in

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pletely till she had regained a fair share of her strength. The

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commencement until the termination, or until the febrile action

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Two sisters died, one in infancy, and one of small-pox.

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A — boiler : B — watev-space ; CC — thermo-syphon tubes ; D — cradle-

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they do not cure the disease but relieve the symptoms.

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plication of the X ravs in tieating fractures. N. Orl. M.

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ascertain, on account of the cursory manner the subject is treated in the

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py;emia, there is found a collection, or, in German phrase-

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tuberculosis in future years. It is a fact that we have no

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study to revisions of the whole schedule of payments to

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dried specimens of emphysematous lungs you see very plainly

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the case reported. I think the most common cause in our part of the

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The books are divided into ten chapters, the first being

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free from what is called relaxing in its character. The same

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with these non-transportable articles, I will next discuss

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nerve we can only distinguish (1) bitterness, (2) sweetness,

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43.5 per cent, were married ; and of these, 13 per cent, were childless at the

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make a five per cent solution, or enough corrosive sublimate to make

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information on tropical diseases culled from an unusual variety of sources.

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occurs from both parents. The influence of the father only extends to the

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ment Board, upon whom it devolves to carry out the provisions of the Public

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actual benefit was later pointed out by different workers.

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present means of localising these lesions can be classified for

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the hospital Feb. 5, 1916, with a diagnosis of chronic nephritis, hypertension, and

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