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should be attacked each day, or twice a day, good friction being added.
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mission of public health. Surely aldermen, at least, must sci
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days. Un the other hand, it may become more or less protracted, so
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ural protective forces, either temporarily or permanently, check the
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among the best of clarets. The Chateau Margaux, the Cha-
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should be permitted to enter the sick-room. The dishes used should
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Returned from Europe and Settled in New Castle, Delaware— Its Pecu-
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(a) The most frequent cardiac complication is acute endocarditis,
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demand for oxygen on the part of the system are — first, the slow and
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where I advocate it ardently for its local action, — in the sec-
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bers are released to society. The idiot is usually but poorly
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sugar molecules within the blood. This is a pretty theory,
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Barbadoes (West Indies). Subsequently, it was conveyed along the chan-
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and adaptation — routinely fitting uni and bi-laterals of shoulder, above
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covering, around the chest or abdomen, the cutaneous temperature
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until the water coming through ceases to be milky. Gluten
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rounding towns we often see a white deposit, especially on
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method, which consisted of the regular administration of baths at
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the bath is prolonged the blood flows, owing to diminished heat dissi-
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the chest, the forearm upon the arm, and the thumb upon the palm : the
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■•.• i !,.■ .,; :, ■■ ) >,.>r).ic!lvr'!v in In.
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ance is a grayish-red. Resolution occurs quite commonly, but, if it
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diarrhoea, that the high internal temperature is liable to escape obser-
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ease, because the same laws which govern the vital processes of the
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These practical observations of well-known physicians and sur-
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pneumonia. It is especially characteristic of pneumonia, however, that
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indication is fulfilled by the douche. The nerve centres are aroused,
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We have, therefore, a double effect for cold procedures before
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There are now in the city probably three hundred and fifty
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name. It comes to us now from the West Indies and Florida
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in genito-urinary surgery. In obstetrics he had a deservedly
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* Journal of the American Medical Association, April 4, 1896.
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warm-water fomentations are commenced, and thereafter employed
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Clinical History. — The incubation period varies from a few hours
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author of a " Dissector's Manual." E. S. Cooper was a re-
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Prognosis. — The mortality from pneumonia in hospitals averages
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up the diagnosis. Whether these organisms coexist in the
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always being secreted by the healthy stomach when food is
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own hands, its mode of administration following the same rules as have
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R. Beverly Cole, Charles Bertody, H. M. Gray, Augustus J.
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and that of a man learning to walk with an artificial limb
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degrees in the body temperature, increase of pulse and respiration,
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it became generally recognized and was practised in France and America,
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a problem which the public must assist physicians in mastering.
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