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I repeat again that wherever water will go, a string will go, wherever a

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By flexing the patient's thigh on to his abdomen, suf-

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favour than some other surgeons do. The chapter on Catheters

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wonderful improvement on my sleep has continued, and the

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arose on the question of the initiation and direction of research,

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from the gland without damaging the glandular lobes. In the

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repression put upon his nervous impulses, until the

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from one side to the other by suggestion. The special senses, sight,

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dried specimens of emphysematous lungs you see very plainly

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Dr. Somerset, referring to Dr. Winters' remarks as to the mild char-

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any country, it is certainly the profession of the physician. French

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The history of the physiologic teaching of oxidation

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long bone forceps, actual cauteries, or Bruce's gas ditto, ligatures,

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accompanied by extensive induration, it is contracted.

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seek earnestly for remedial means in heart and aortic diseases ;

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for several years its president, and at the time of his death

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two compresses of absorbent sublimated gauze, each sewed to the

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ining finger, except in cases where the parts were sufficiently dilated to

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rendering it gave of the appearance of the malignant cachexia.

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injection of small doses of antitoxin into the children

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solution by ammonia, when they invariably fall in crystals of the first

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quick succession. Epileptics early suffer changes in the moral sphere,

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of these pictures, however, may justly be made that the parts of

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A Plea for the Treatmeut of Criminals. By J. S. Wight,

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ulcer, which has diminished greatly, until at present a rough,

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culture and of accumulated intellectual labor, fulfills its destiny

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charges. It is also spoken highly of in chronic rheumatism

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attempt might be made to extract it by the usual mode. Although on the first

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tion of the spinal cord in the dorsal region (Harley) will also

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