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seen to be morphologically identical with the deposits
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en passant, that he was one of the most distinguished and
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aff'ected, and njarked dihU^ilion of l\n', h\n',\tiU)U and sliortenin;^
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Kduin Webb, M. I>.. an original member of the New York state Med-
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Wien, [etc.], 1897, i, 809-811.— Cararaggi (A.) La fer-
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has a dull look; mouth is hot and sticky to touch; fever 103 or
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Diversion Program for physicians who have difficulties
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may reach 94° and the fore-arm 950° while covered in bed;
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si, 280-382. Also, transl. [Abstr.]: Allg. Wien. med. Ztg.,
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in their normal relations. And it has been somewhat sur-
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cow. We take it that there seldom was a fact better established
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between two cla3ses of disease, whose effect is very difiierent ; namely,
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in 1646 : ' Poems, with the Tenth Satyre of Juvenal
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haemorrhage. Dilatation of the cavities is much more rapid in its
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shuttered and lost. A careful examination of a speck
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With the coming of the microscope, which revolutionized medicine,
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yellow matter adhering to the bottom •, difcharge ichorous.
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In pyonephrosis there is evidence both of suppuration and of obstruction.
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hypertrophy of the spleen; moderate hypertrophy of the adrenals
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questions, if the diagnostioator has the sense of smell properly
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When making the diagnosis of partial lesions resulting from ex-
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in that month. About two months later. Pellagrin 164 suffered her
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the circumflex ilii artery, the bleeding had not been profuse_
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3 p. 1., 192 pp. 16'^. Callao, A. Mena y Ca., 18.59.
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school days I suffered with asthenopia, following an at-
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Convolutions of the Cerebrum Avill prove a valuable aid to those

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