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sion of the Pelvis, by William Ewart; Notes on the Open- Air Treat-

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a cold breeze springs up and the temperature may fall as low

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uterus and its appendages is one of the evils era infantum and a host of other maladies

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api)earance of the ulceration was unusual in that situation and reminded one

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curring in asphyxia. The association of hypostatic congestion with

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Wolff, Kaspar Friedrich, German anatomist, 1733-1794.

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Study of the serological relation of strains of pneumococcus has

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when the patient attempts to use simple and familiar tools. When a

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rapture is into the lung, the physical signs will reveal the sudden dev^pment

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come persuaded that there is something in it that will

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The distinction between vesical and renal haematuria is not always easy.

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to transfer the results of an animal experimentation

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person in health, bear the strongest resemblance, to the

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Hyoscin Hydrobromate in Chorea. — Rendle (Indian Medical Record)

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lower edges of the mucous membrane together, which I did.

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And the Vitalizing Constituent— Phosphorous ; the whole combined in the

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dilated and capable of permitting the displacement of the lens. The

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ful in both acute and chronic cases. During the acute stage mus-

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The patient was fed by the rectum for a long time ; the gauze pledget

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Asquith admitted the justice of the claim that was then

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state; we therefore tried the effects of the glands in various combinations

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paralyzed parts are liable to inflame, yet they are capable of good

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cumstances fevorable to health where they have cleanly houses,

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the fifth year of the disease. To these twenty-one may be added six

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this time there was added to his treatment the following mix-

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masses of unstained granular protoplasm. In some of

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may show that the child had breathed, and had probably been born living.

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