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in combination, and by no means free from a belief in the
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uniformly' referred to the same causes — marsh miasmata, inclement
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present, are those with which mercury seldom agrees and com-
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testimonial, signed by Prof. Mott, Dr. Ferris, and the attending
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active period of the disease the alkalinity of the blood is frequently
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Empyema Necessitatis. — The pus by erosion of the costal pleura
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controls the function of the cells and retards decay and death; but
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tween mycetoniajind actinomyces. Ibid. (1886), 1887, n.s..
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words) is practically limited to defects of the auditory word-centre.
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cases where the text would discover the American origin of the book,
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sumptive sanatorium ; left there in order to die at home. N.B. —
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in a most striking way, the great accuracy of the diagnosis, and
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and nowhere else; it only suggests the “particular dis-
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is over, and this vast ocean of misery has had time to
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an old saying of Hippocrates, that it is better to apply a number of
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ventriculi next the spleen ; a necrotic area in the pyloric region ; eight
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anaaniiaor rheumatism, nor were there any neuroses in
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held over the mouth of the receiver containing the gas. After the removal, the temperature
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taken from a horse dying of horse -sickness, has not been attended,
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In contrast to the clearly acute cases there have been sometimes
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in a first pregnancy may suffer also in a second, and more rarely in a
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directory issued at the l)eginning of tlie present year, 054.
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Many minor changes have been made, but in their general plan the articles
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Heinemann, p. G. (with Weaver, G. H., Tunnicliff, R., Michael, M.) - 70
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a prominent symptom. The acts of vomiting occasion great pain. In the
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mortem, are very frequently absent in the living organ
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and the frequence of the pulse often sink rapidly, the djrspnoea abates,
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ered with short hairs, as the pubes; more rarely the axilla and eye-
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that to the joints. It is accordingly most essential to recognize the
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fwy acid. A strong solution of nitrate of silver is then added to it : arsenate

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