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use of radium. The assertion, therefore, that he would employ radium

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fact that the average age at death of second lieutenants is much less than

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real, actual function is a polar distance. It is up to somebody to let

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and my only instrument was a large Colt's revolver, which is used by doctors on

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similar condition of osteitis in both humeri, especially in lower part ;

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statement that : " The alkaloid is officinal, but, on account of its

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affections of this nerve are so painful and persistent.

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1898 BbadbBaw, Sam. M. J., M.B., B.Ch., B.AO., DuK, 1 Temp^-terraoe,

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confusion. Of other names which have been proposed, no one has been

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churned up with the food in the stomach, absorb so much gas

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Sir, — The following anonymous challenge came to me to-day

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A normal record was taken, and then a thermode was applied to a particular spot

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is held by most authorities. Although, by some leaders of modern

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have in our series of cases several pellagrins in whom a recurrence

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Keith and Bantock admit that this is the true method.

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446. Forcemeat (for Fovwls)— Ingredients— ^ lb. of suet, 2 oz. of

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As, however, each kind of chamber may singe at different

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and seven pertinent propositions are discussed with

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more or less, in Raleigh, and the surrounding country, throughout the year

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farm work, is of great value, so that training institutions should always be

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the place of the clavicle, the patient was enabled to execute

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these collections of fluid, areas of induration in the brain (fibrosis or

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Beilin Memorial, Green Bay; Deaconess, Milwaukee County General, St.

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while in other cases the ventricles fill up in a very short time.

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fact that kala-asar with its enormous enlargement of liver and spleen

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When a child learns to speak, the sound of the word heard is sent by way of

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several classes, — namely, drastic, simple, saline,

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The disease is more universally prevalent than any disease known.

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very conspicuous in the mesentery, and are called mesenteric

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5 to 7. Pigmented forms. In G 9. Flagellate form. (Microga- 14 Non-flagellate forms. (Ma-

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