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accumulation. This association may lead to a false diagnosis of

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increasing its nutrition, making this invaluable remedy (Cod-Liver Oil) far more efficacious in scrofulous and other

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like, grey-yellow substance. In this more advanced state, the

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takes place in diseases, and to have judged well of

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we can deal with facts. As an example of the statistical evidence, we find

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According to the method of reproduction the order may be divided

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All metallic chlorides are soluble in water, except calomel,

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regular arrangement of the merozoites around it (size 6 /a).

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There were a few cases of complicated rheumatic states of

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road accidents to the whole number of travellers is ex-

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microscopical section. The changes in the epithelium are usually most

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An adage exists to the effect that the forest would In; easily seen were it not

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sive knowledge of parliamentary law, rendered him remarkably well

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Bzoipient (ac-atp^i-fnt). [L. exeif/ere to r&>

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the Society. "Alas !" added Dr. Adams, " although the time

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lation should then be made by dropping the virus on the

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by the secondary and tertiary sacs hereinafter mentioned.

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local irritation, if given in small doses. He had used for

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the patient is doubly wronged, because in the hospital

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of Banna's great work on ** Diphtheria,'' by H. Z. G-ill, late Professor of

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min, riciu (from ricinus communis). Nencki, going much further,

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ties of inflammation occurring in the region of the

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rfetabli par les eusemencements cadaveriques. Rev. mens,

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this point the stomach usually becomes intolerant, and the

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health, and the constant (once daily) moistening with pure glycerine does not ac-

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the liver has been explained by the presence of chronic pancreatitis.

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to provide sufficient ventilation ; and if the nuisance proved to exist

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