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ing illnes!^, and a course of severe remedies, she became convales-

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the results of psyclianalysis are most effective; and it is only

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garding the needs of the library, and expressed the belief

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with it ? Is the work in any way such a volume as he, had he

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stances. In its crystallized form, it has very fre-

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administration of calcium to rabbits suffering from caffein diabetes

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sometimes be found added. A consideration of the varying

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Finally, it may be well to summarize our present knowledge of the

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cells or tubes, increasing from above downwards. The absence

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arteriosclerosis. Many cases show no other cause. The high pres-

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Italy Will Prevent Plaffue.— News from Rome, under

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ranks of the winged hosts has been undergone. In a second paper

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pentine and sulphuric ether. In cases asso- the latter, when accompanied by the well

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proportion to the fever; thus a patient coming in with a temperature

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10 n breadth 1 to 1.5 p). The ends are frequently slightly concave, giving rise

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class of remedies above referred to is based on new theories

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germs, such as the staphylococcus, the streptococcus and

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trated by tables of cases of " Carotid Ligation," and a handsome coloured

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the other cells that have acted as phagocytes, degenerative changes

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horse serum. Nos. 5, 6, and 7 were from the Philippines, monkeys

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Osteotomia .subtrochanterica. Festschr. z. Feierd. SOjahr.

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and that which proves the correctness of this theory

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692 MISSOURI MEDICINE/October 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 10

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plenitudeof its operation. Subsequently the return to rationality

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the iodides and bromidps of jiotassium and ammonium and

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word aUoiropic, and refer the effects to the ozonic condition of oxygen.

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plained of an affection of several fingers of both hands.

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in stridulous laryngitis or spasmodic cr oap, the eveimig exacerbations

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cases seen late in the disease must at times remain unclassified.

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