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mineral springs, is a town of 6,000 inhabitants, situated about

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JqUt Dr on tbe changes in the vessels of the pia mater resulting from irritation of

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of the disease among prostitutes; (11) the immunity of

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ated with this type. These cases may rapidly die, or recovery

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been done. The figures in brackets represent the amounts of bile and of pig-

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pushed in front of the examining finger, as a finger glove is pushed

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ought not to move South to establish manufacturing industries, for the

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useful suggestions were received through this mechanism and incorporated

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our, or in Scotland of any crime or offence, or shall, after due inquiry, be judged

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" The surface of the body generally was oedematous, but

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when I reflect upon the difficulties, the expense, the dan-

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the most certain hydrophobic results, as shown by a

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don Lancet, Dec. 2, 1893.) The editor prefaces the report by an explana-

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entering upon the ninth month of her first pregnancy. Although I could

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our private lives and in our profession that when the last summons

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lance in question was under the jurisdiction of that depart-

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Edited by Drs. D. W. and Ernest S. BuUuck, of Medical Examiners, 1880-84, president

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Reporter. Phila.. 1884. 1. 72. — Coyoii (A ) Fracture

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natant fluid developed a characteristic very faint opalescence, often

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face the needle covers. It will thus be seen we have at

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and on the following day a new crop of petechial spots appeared on the

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termined for a short or longer time, flattering us at one time with an ap-

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without being paid. In 1987, the AMA’s House of Del-

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extremely variable, and dependent on many collateral condi-

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Within the last few years a good many cases have been published

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observations extended he could endorse the accuracy of the

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amination gives a 'clearness of diagnosis^ and an efficacy of treatment im-

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necessary that every member of the Society should gormandize,

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estimated, as the limb had been manipulated in early life by

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will be seen from a brief analysis, given below, his work has

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from the periphery. Unequal and imperfect transmission of sensory

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rather than a loss of sight. He had consulted a doctor before

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