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ritis, pneumonitis is apt to follow ; cough and expectoration are prominent

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Prisms. — When two plane faces of a transparent body are inclined to

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possible minimum of five days for the flea-cycle of the try-

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range of atmospheric pressure was, therefore, 0.990 inch.

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of nature's prodigality. For instance, a much larger amount of ma-

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little to say on these structures ; even those that describe

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my care in the National Hospital. Delasiauve also has recorded the case

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stance, a highly febrile patient was not fit for such methods. As

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Vermont State Medical Society, by such men as Ezekiel Porter, of

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food. They unite with oxygen in the body and produce a slow com-

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and, before prescribing, the physician should be fully

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lower lobe. Most of the tubercles undergo fibroid or fibrocaseous change*

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the pulse becomes more or less frt*(iuent ; there is cephalalgia ; vomiting

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explain that enlargement by obstruction, or by the vis a tergo ? It is

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On the occasion of my visit to Paris I made the acquaintance of

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by introducing the little finger into the child's mouth and lifting

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of the war and on account of the large amount of experimental work that

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ently there is less rainy weather in the California wet sea^

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are removed, it will be found that primar}' union has oc-

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Function of Therapeutic Exercises in Lateral Curva-

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disorders, as syphilis and cancer,' not only modify but give rise to morbid

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The conjunctiva was normal. Pupillary reactions and

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both the nurse and her baby and the family in which

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The raw surface thus exposed was swabbed over with spirit or

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a broad swath and trample on the rights of th.e people. In many instan-

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very mild laxatives, and often the intravenous and subcutane-

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American Medical Association. — The Fourteenth Annual Meeting

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