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Wilder, Prowazek, Sergent, Foly, and Viallette; he calls it the Rickettsia

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tures involved or adjacent. It is most likely to make its entrance

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rest 'returned to the abdomen. If not gangrenous it

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The type of infection was not the same in every case

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“Congressional investigation has proved that chief

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conditions, constituting "the wants of a medical class" as stated

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ciently marked to produce signs of general ansemia, a differential

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o'clock next morning; the vomiting recurred about every 10

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The mean Air Temp, of the Year Mas 10 '9 (C. 51 '6 F.) or 1'7 above the average.

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could result. 3d. The vital powers are so weak that there is

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of the disease are evolved almost in one dav as the result of a nervous

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order to complete our view of the doctrine of Infinitesimals.

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associated micro-organism is the streptococcus pyogenes. Other bacteria

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plication, and in the author's own cases and others re-

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microbes, and on the condition of these mechanisms depend the vary-

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who, however, offer themselves for re-election, are

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infants, and among these 10 stillbirths there were 2

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having also gained in chest exi)an8ion, fullness under the clavi-

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who was an avowed secessionist, in order to keep the party from

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the night, more especially those with fidgets or physical rest-

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Fourth Edition, with Illustralions.a vols, 8vo., 24.J.

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The C. G.Jung Center of Philadelphia, 2008 Chancellor

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245. On the Treatment of some Forms of Menorrhagia. Dr. Lwnbe Atthill . . 234

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ety of inducing abortion as a means of saving her life : but as a

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Paris City Council chamber, Thnrsday, October 13, 1904, at 3 p. m.

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little in the present war. Naturally surgery is more spectacular, and

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