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The daily (luantity of urea eliminated in 1860 was found by Dr. Smith
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companies, who were all agreed regarding its efficiency.
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1888 Fergcson, Henry Linuo, M.D., F.R.C.S., Dunedin, Xew Zealand.
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must of necessity cripple us in many ways ; and I want to suggest that
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tumour of the breast," which he said would incision, when a gush of pus took place, and
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• DERMATOLOGY: Luncheon speaker — Edmund D. Lowney, MD, Co-
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that in any disease the Homoeopathic remedies are more
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often lessened by stimulating food ; vomiting is unusual, eructation
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with internal squint, and that the vision diminishes directly with this
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adhesions and attended with a train of severe symptoms
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calamine saturated with olive oil, and this application he found to be
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gout, mechanical stress, syphilis, or other. Thereafter, if time
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however, no way has been devised of differentiating
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Hospital and Cit.y Home emplo.vees other than clerks
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there also was some involvement of the digestive tract (tonsils,
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some differences between the views entertained as to the course of con-
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pepsia is often thus permanently added to the old disorder."
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also a feature of yellow fever. The calf muscles are also markedly
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error, especially the unsymmetric astigmatism, and the slight
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quite recently that enteric fever has been recognised. The fihvre bilieuse
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The President delivered his address, taking as his subject "The
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similar series of preparations from the liver of the rabbit was
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bers of the Association who have passed through Philadel-
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difficulties with which a scientific investigator of the thirteenth
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ot Dr. Oeorgo M<»ndenh>ill, vide Western Lancet, August, 1854.
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Case II. (Nicoladoni.) * — Day laborer, aged sixty-

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