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field. The discovery and isolation of radium is given due
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them — the rays they project are faint, and occupy too small a
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See, also, Voxxolino (Vincenzo). Hygiene des Ohres.
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depth of the belly of hell ; " which seems to indicate imprison-
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development from childhood into maturity. The time occupied in this
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manikin, as they do in a fantocchini show or a puppet play.
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(0.32-0.0 Gm.) ; of fluid extract, i-2 fi. dr. (1.&-
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will depend very largely upon the condition of the molars, as
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delay under its most excellent anaesthetic effect. This may be man-
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the deep urethra, so that sounds may be passed and other instruments
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Seventy-seven of them fell in one of 6 curves as follows:
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ple there wanted no possibly fever-infected governor, so they told
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and nurses. Noble Lords would be surprised to know that
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A fine but extended plexus of bloodvessels, held together by
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the ])eople affected may be found searching their bedding most
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very small dose would be sufficient to produce thorough-
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adhesions and attended with a train of severe symptoms
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Tidsskr., Kjobenb., 1888, i, 53-70. . Beitriiue ziirUi-
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the institution was formally opened by the Lord Pi'o\'ost
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although the vacuum tube lighted up brightly. Its life was short.
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returned in five minutes. In answer to a question, he I'eplied
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throughout the section, though the site of predilection seems to be in connection
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neous cells was very great. Such a condition is never seen
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usually enlarged, the latter sometimes very much so. The
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it should be opened or lanced. A little strong carbolic acid introduced
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extravasation ocevirred, without any force having been
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substance has caused death in at least four instances, — one in France and three
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large portion of his earnings. He endowed a chair of
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water, an ordinary copper water-bath is used; as the vapor can
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signs of iuflammation on the left side of the pelvis. There seems to
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stitch, entering and emerging about two lines from the
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If pus forms, there are one or more chills, and later there is

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