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forms under which the\' tend to appear in nature or as a result of

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of the pleura the fluid will fill up from the bottom, and the negative

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to sterilize the usual adhesive plasters often used to keep

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tions than insanity; and pehaps there is no form of it, that

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1 As this group of worms is more carefully studied, it becomes apparent that the

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Robertson is dependent on the presence of diphtheroid bacilli.

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dition which exists in a host of individual diseases. The study of inflam-

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should be rapidly increased until physiological effects are

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toni (E. R.) La fiebre tifoidea en la capital de la Ee

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fever. Of what avail is it here to say that the disease

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The only coniliination of phosphorus and zinc here-

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of irritation in anch nn nnstablo organization was very apt to ho

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dical men who accept situations, would be well worthy

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use. But right on the heels of this comes the statement of Dr. Petresco,

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from other sources is shown by the fact that extracts of yeast, toma-

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in health, in exceptional cases from 9 7" 5 to 9 9 '5''

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velop to a pronounced degree, but, on the say one to two scruples to the pint of milk.

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tinct increase in the size of the tumor, due to the hematocele which is formed.

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Of the cases of chest troubles presented to us for surg-

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upon a floured cloth, and secure with tape, allowing a little

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sites of malaria in the peripheral blood does not exclude malaria.

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If a general term is still demanded as a substitute for

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brane. But perhaps more commonly the inflammation in this

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Three Cases of Metastatic Ikido-Choroiditis of one Eye only:

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A man, aged forty years, was admitted into the Manchester Royal Infirmary

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fear, however, that the work will not find much favour amongst

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consistence of white of ^g, accompanied with soreness and

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muth vvere tried, but they were also of little use, and the

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congested. She became noisier and more confused, consciousness was much

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nutritive disturbance — t. e., by elevation of temperature and loss of weight, due

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(in 1862), in the case of a woman who was a dwarf, scarcely

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in almost any part of the body, are extremely common. A

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