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lungs had begun. It was even diflBcult to judge whether

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natural voice for speaking may remain, thus showing how a particular

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larvatse. [Rare case ot . . .] Russk. Med., St. Petersb.,

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add to the efficacy of the drugs and chemicals? or is it simply a

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that it can be done early. To safely perform a trache-

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pressure on the heart and lungs, his time would be meas-

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remain in the same degree of ignorance and unci-rlamfy, upon this in-

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to life that beset the Doctor throughout his career, whether as

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have just been stated is in no way to be taken as indicating

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must be remembered that there is sucli a thing as good work

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Walter Lindley, Dr. W. W. Watkins, Dr. Ross Moore, Dr. George L. Cole,

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even of uterine pregnancy, for so able a microscopist as

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that I coiisiiler one of tlie principal causes, if not th«

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the other end is just as, if not more, important. Who will say that a

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Some time before the war a man in Strassburg suggested that an exhaus-

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that a large percentage of infants under 4 months of age with dyspeptic

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professional prostitutes — are the counterpart in the female sex of those

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moves from town to country and back with a facility formerly

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excitement, an attack of diarrhoea, and acute intestinal obstruction have

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dilution. Wilson of Belfast in 1910 also had a similar experience. In

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diameter of one fifth of an inch as ample for the removal of sterility or

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paduchel: o yadovidosti krovi u paduchnikh. [On the

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17.1), Leeds 24.0, Leicester 18.4, Liverpool ^.'i.O London 18. !i,

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than I think can be accounted for by supposing it due to accidental

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had narrowed the limits, and had endeavored to avoid being

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“ exemplum pnebere videantur.” And the same author

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