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pelvis rotates, namely, a line passing through the acetabular cavities.

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bility rests with the superintendent; four, that It

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keep it patent. There is no need to resort to this barbarous and

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soft soap and cleansed with lysol solution before commencing

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its skin, you need fear no evil, whatever the history of the parents. The

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Des parasites du sang dans I'impaludisme. C. r. 1882. Traite des fievres

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become the coni vasculosi ; the Wolffian duct is now de-

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Proximate causes. — So far as we knoAV and can interpret the facts of

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should be administered frequently in easily assimilable forms ; eggs, milk,

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was able to swallow freely, and. was therefore made an out-

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nation. In some inconceivable mode, contagious and infectious diseases

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The Eighth Councilor District Medical Society of Ohio was held at

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9 years. The figures do not justify a too hopeful spirit ; and

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The fourth school is the Philadelphia College of Mediciile, which

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abnormal bruit could be detected. Her urine contained a considerable

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The view that pneumonia was due to a specific organism did not

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4. Persons of a lymphatico-nervous temperament are most liable to this

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William Whymper, Esq. Surgeon to the Coldstream Regiment

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4 ^ . ^ . • 4. • 4U ♦• 1 1- rest from their work. They come to their

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more's Report on the Health of St. Marylebone for June,

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shows signs of being involved, and usually the heart shows clinically

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or its branches occur, they would be recognized at the time

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exudation. There is a small miliary tubercle on one

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