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safe conclusion. Occasionally disease of the last dorsal or lumbar
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tissue it may come from abscess cavities of a non-tuberculous origin.
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affections, as well as new growths : and they justify, from a clinical point
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We publish this week another article from (he pen of Dr. A. N. Bur-
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believes that it exerts its bad effects primiarily upon the
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pullet's egg, and remains permanently. The animal exists in this
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to go immediately to one of the Infirmary's or to Dr. Armstrong No.
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been firmly tied with the rubber stretched to its utmost,
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which hinders transudation. Such non-excretion is most apt to
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At 2 p. m. the members reassembled and listened to the annual
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the skin is a vast network of vessels which are estimated to be
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a remarkable hyaline change of the islands so that intact
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only in consequence of the precipitation of the iodine in a molecular
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time, and generally do not recover their primitive sensitiveness till
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ference with cardiac function became more pronounced.
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gain entrance, I reiterate, can not now be unquestionably
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weakness, associated with the presence of the hernia,
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measurements, because the transverse measurement is difficult to take, and not
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display of action potentials, the synchrony of the firing of
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continue. In his: Lec. (le cliu. iiied., 8°, Par., 1872, 125-
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tegrating liberate a toxine acting on the nervous system
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Hydrastis and sanguinaria. The marked results achieved by hydrastis cana-
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that approach was accompanied by an inlialing of the breath, or by
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mi>?ht rest (piiesoent apain, or it mijrht continue advancing,' in
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and remove them, and apply a little Carbolic Acid solution.
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