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beef-broth growth occurred in small discoid, whitish colonies,

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her head. She had an aversion to meat, and ate with avidity both fruit and

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the animal recovered. In another it reached a high figure and then

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of the lungs, and more or less of the food materials or medica-

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schools personally every second year and give a thorough physical

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movement on the part of the thorax. In persons simulatnig

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times so that the patient will not know that he has the trouble.

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primarily interested in the financial aspect of his career, the salaries

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with the very numerous figures of the individual car-

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rise. .The specimen I now show you is an extreme example

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condition as the pia-ai'achnoid membrane above described.

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expect Amish to have health insurance or use the Medicaid or

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the Gymnastic Remedial Institute (Orthopoedeon), in

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sing puts his entire faith in the cystoscope and the ureteral catheter, and to

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Douglas County Medical Auxiliary — Aesculapian Society

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bleed upon chiselling, as we are accustomed to see it in

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view of the world, is, in fact, dehumanizing. This letter as

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successfully inoculated into the foot of a monkey. This fungus they now

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Donald G. Erickson George O. Faerber Elias P. Farri Barr>- Goldstein Kenneth V. Goodman

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bony canal. This is a most important statement, and I regret that

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three times it was the pons Varolii, once the medulla oblongata, six times one

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struction, and can derive no benefit from the opening of the windpipe, whether

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the arterial, venous, and capillary systems are severally

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who still menstruated, and youths who had not yet sacrificed to

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