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life during Eevolutionary times, and the absence of awkward in-
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infection, and the local signs are in proportion to the
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cardium', when there are intra-thoracic growths involving this membrmne
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time, of itself, it goes again. In the watch, the cold stopped the motion
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Roots in the Spinal Cord. — 1. The fibres of the posterior nervous roots appear
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low of 36% in non-Hispanic whites to almost 50% of ex-
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and dispensing of medicines should have serious treatment.
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volcanoes, and does away with the doctrine of the hydrostatic paradox.
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the importance of starvation as a cause of the fever has been exaggerated.
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dctt. Founder of the Home Hospitals Association for Paying
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The case of phobia of which this is a clinical study was one
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root like that of AragaUus lamberti. Unlike the latter, it has distinct
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geons cleaning knives. If it shall be proved that two
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development, as already stated; we can only explain the results of
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Cullen says they are external heat; a diminution of atmospheric
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these were examined at periods of from thirty-six to fifty-
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given, but they still are too many and too great, and I venture
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ration, baths, clothing, mentid and physical exercise, Hospitals,
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discussion on the use of quinine, at the next meeting.)
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ciousness of the appetite, and a respiratory embarrassment.
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and its distribution. This is more markedly the case with
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cough, if the latter be never so slight, should excite suspicion of pulmonary
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may precede the joint affection. Next in frequency are the cases due to
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valves still protecting the lungs from pressure, not only will
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head of the tube and in that way cut off breathing. But it was per-
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The needle illustrated promises to obviate all difficulty,
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the question of what is the most economical as well as what is the best for his
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nary circulation. The condition of the lung was, in this case,
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of the mouth and pharynx. The first symptoms, which usually

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