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although he would fain conceal it from public notice. It is

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his recovery. The former malady returned, and the Field-marshal died

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Hardee, W. P., Durham; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1912; U.N.C 1912 1924

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depends on the (chemical) relations of the tissues to the blood. In

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treme limitation of its practicability. In short, it is another one

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injected through the femoral vein ; tiiere wa.s no com-

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degree, in which case the patient becomes dangerous to others, or because the

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Dr. I. B. Hamilton has sold his practice at Congress, A. T., to

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middle-aged adults with stones of medium size. To-day

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cient to maintain the tissues and fluids of the body in a

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Kirmisson considers (according to Myers, Rev. d'orthopedie,

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the seat of application. It is doubtful whether this is directly due

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that time the heretofore hypertrophied uterus having

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Circ, Lotid., 1882, n. s., xxxiii. 372 -374. — Szilagy (E.)

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Vogt BL, Say B: Genetic counseling: An integral com-

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the direction was from behind forwards and from above downwards. Accord-

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[For diagnosis the practitioner should adopt the Romanowsky

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Metastases; Death; Autopsy. — M. D., a woman, aged thirty-

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there was a continuous murmur occupying systole and diastole, and

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the escape of the contents of the bowels into the abdomen. This

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in hot air four hours' exposure to a temperature of 130° C.-140° C.

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deaths should not be received unless proi)erly certified, and if a

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cliild; S. M , living in the German part of this city.

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able owing to arrest of the placental circulation, and the motlier's

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a state of intoxication and persisted in until this species of in-

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from his neck to the floor, covering the whole in tightly, except the pa-

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all the improvements and discoveries which are intended to provide them

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fended by them ; although, as Arsenic had been considered

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pint. Of sterile water, one pint ; of the boiled flour, a heaping table-

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is not safe to allow of any severe exertion until after

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