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procedure should not have been done in the first place.
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mind. It is a specimen of inductive prophecy, and is worthy of
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1 Report of House of Lords Committee on Poor Law Relief, 1888, Qs.
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found this complication rare; in southern Holland, very frequent.
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the small bow-saw. This laid open a real carious fistula, which passed
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old at the time of accident, 3 from thirty to forty, and 2
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some of the views advocated seem incongruous, yet the article meets many of
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much more, is to be found in the Qdniln, and from him
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at the end of three months recovery of the same imperfect
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conveyed from the pond to a bath of warm oil. An antidote must be given, espe-
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tpejeau 11 pcenceap 12 jrulle liyt ppemaft 18 healice.
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Duration of Illness in Relation to Causes of Death. The duration
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simulating aneurism of the innominate artery (a description
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her back, at the edge of the table, with the limbs flexed and sup-
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analysis of the operations performed, or the complications met
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nine. The paralysis occurred in infancy, and was not traceable to any
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four hours, the height of the precipitated albumin is read oS on an elchr<i »
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★ Free Admission To Over 285 Exhibits ★ Recruitment Opportunities
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to, I should hope they will appear tolerably satisfactory ; most
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we have been taught to dread as tlie inevitable confequences of
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there is a cell increase of which 90% may be lymphocytes.
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In this case, the wound being small, hemorrhage was
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arrangements for showing its lightness what our preceptor,
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The disease is usually ushered in with sliglit constitutional dis-
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emolUent oil, they retain their peculiar antiseptic virtues
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removed, success would be much more certain. It is calculated that the gene-
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of that organ. The object the most curious was an anomaly
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perhaps even possible, that an infection derived from
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efficient enough in amount or force to develop its influences except in

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