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of temperature. At the end of twenty weeks the cheese in tempera-
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of the remedy may be more or less annoying for a time. This objection has
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must be divided, band by band and layer by layer, till
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they can at this period only irritate the already inflamed mucous
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existing and remain as blots upon our hospital administrations.
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easily while in the radially deviated position. Thus,
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Diagnosis.— The disease closely resembles agchylostomiasis, from
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have a lot of difficulty. However, in the main I be-
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suhject of therapeutics. We propose entering somewhat into
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and bends the character to quite as pitiable a condition as
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special interest until Basedow, in 1846, demonstrated its clinical import-
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bad, and his general health much deranged on account
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the health, and often gives rise to, or aggravates some of the
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stance alone the ordinary means of analysis are inadequate. In the last
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taken into account before we arrive at an accurate conclusion.
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rapidly spreads from the point first affected to the neighbouring
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Those who were privileged to consult with him were frequently
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the societies. About the same time there occuiTed a case of
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Of course, the assumption is made that a liter of water weighs a
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heart the arterial tubes through the whole system undergo a corresponding
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Referring again to the allusion made in reference to
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or had undergone other forms of degeneration, Pocin reports
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other modes of bathing the surface generally or topically. Mineral
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c) LfpAuCiiLC JrucS . _ J7i Sifp/uIotLc trtfa 1/hJL
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where the cornea is abnormally curved, that is, in cases in which the patient
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When these phenomena are prolonged, secondary effects are
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excellent table on antito.xins and protective serums.
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inoculation during injury to intact skin by sharp objects, such
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can be considered a% settled. It may be that in these instances the increase of
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Available immediately for weekends to progress to full-time in
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fering — yet it should also be recognized that such modem

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