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points, namely, to observe asepsis, to bting the surfaces
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tion of the two at will. A metal case contains two bottles
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properties the parasites of the tertian fever are thus dis-
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function of this diastase is to act upon the starch which forms so large and
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practised ; others have wished to afford a chance of life to the
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which is principally affected in these cases. His extremities at
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15. Question Box. Chairman, Dr. R. W. Bruce Smith, Par-
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one practitioner may have frequently and successfully induced premature
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while with the other he receives the reward of conspiracy
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The climate of Cuba is for the most part hot, and always
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tient gain, by my watching her enduring two or three hours of fur-
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If a similar l)ilateral representation of the laryngeal niovemonts con-
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egory of hystero-epilepsy, in which sleep predominates
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are found at the uterine end of the tube as well as more peripherally
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and any education, elementary or otherwise, that may
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treated by my colleagues in the biology lectures I doubt if ten
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General the importance of a thorough examination of the relative
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themselves of noise constituted their greater trials and
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of erysipelas was used, and it was found that about
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order to obviate the gravitation of blood to the dependent portions of the
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unci they were inflamed in patches — the stomach to a moderate extent, and
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follow in its train. Affections of the brain are rare; their intensity is
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many new and scientific Pharmaceutical and Biological
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dicular ray, and Cowl's apparatus by means of which
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eye is just as truly myopic as if the posterior portion was
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view of the court's decision, moreover, the department has felt com-
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troubled with very distressing symptoms. When first seen, something

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