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air cannot be too highly appreciated as a means of cure. If the advan-

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creas has normally a function of elaborating and tiirning into the blood

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and death may thus result. Kot unfrequently, when the sufferer has

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quently alluded to natural resistance and immunity, so that here a few

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come Adjunct Professor of Anatomy in the Transylvania school. Df.

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baldness, and scars from Ibe repeated incisions over the left parietal

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Theory of Natural Immunity. — (a) Metschnikoff preached pliago-

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which forms a sheath around certain of the arteries — Haeckel's " Zell-

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Of cases in which both fauces and larynx, but not the nose, were

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he goes further than this, for he denies, from experiments of his own,

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tricity, lhou«^h it is much lauded. Cupping, blisters, and moxas, on the

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there occurred an epidemic in Algiers (1840 to 1847).

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arises among persons who drink unfiltered and unboiled water or milk

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found both on the surface, in the deeper layers of the deposits, and, in some

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the toxic effects of the fever poison cannot be excluded.

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be arrived at by the judicious use of a very small number of appliances.

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purification of this syringe and its parts as of other instruments.

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were irregular. In 1809 I Avas not aware of the existence of the microbe

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cap of new bladder, coating the same with wax. Have ready another

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Johns Jloyikins Hasp. Rep., vol. iv. No. 1, on "Typhoid Fever."— 67a. Osler. Johns

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turae/' or events out of the ordinary course of nature, which are nevef-

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In thus sketching the duties of modern trained nurses and their

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and if possible attending to it ; avoiding all whispered conversations,

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is, are first attacked which are least under control of the will, and in

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way recommended for the examination of stools ; or the first step by which

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subsequent history of some of them, could it be ascertained, would prob-

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TJie duration of action of a drug is likewise dependent on the rapidity

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which seem to indicate that the process may begin and be completed

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without the addition of mustard, are often employed for the immediate

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directly from man to man by means of water. Where Ave find sudden out-

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why does the plague rage cootinualiy among Mussulmen, and not among

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of the lower animals which is capable of serving as a medium for the

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1. Dr. Parkes. Practical Hyqiene, by De Chaumont, 6th ed. 1883. — 2. Dr. Mac-

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undertaken by the practitioner himself — though this has been done in

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