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interstitial foci of small round cells are found in the perivascular connective
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often made from the local pain and swelling, sterile renal pyuria, renal
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this period, he observed a low diet, and his treat-
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cause, and Dickinson believes its etiological influence has been greatly
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The writer's preference is for the catheterizing cystoscope of Nitze, made
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lieart inhihition c;in not he produced l»y stiuuilatiii^ either the vat-
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iiic tiikcii up li> sjx'ciiil liULT*' <clls slidw ins; |>liii«;iir\ tir poui'is, anil trariv
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tried by Cunningham (1898) and Buchanan (1899), is not at all promising,
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may occasionally be the seat of various lesions, eczema of various types
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described by Gerber, but Helferich* later directed more particular attention
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can, the tnlie ..f which is connected -.vitli a huretle. The heiudit to wliieh
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in other respects he finds himself so well, that he
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influence in the production of amyloid than has the accompanying secondary
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•"' -"■ ''"■ ". i-^ "■iirii,.,! hy th,. M I 1., th,. e,.nt,.r, s,, thjit its stiiiiiihi
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Sex. — ^The disease is much more common in men than in women. Of
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layer or more. Either the urates or oxalate may be lacking in these mixed
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if the previous nephritic condition be unknown, may easily lead one to regard
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eaiilion to liear in mind: namejx. that the pressure in the eiitV should not I-
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a kidney of large size, mottled with reddish and light areas — representing
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in the fiijurc (Fin. I2r.i. and th.. manipulati,ui of which is outlined in
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Its relationship to other diseases cannot be profitably discussed. Since the
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consecutive nephritis. Under these circumstances filtration and removal of
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:iicrs., so that the o falls slowly, the lireathiiiLr can he maintained for
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matous affections ; it is also liable to a variety of
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William Hyde WoUaslon, M.D. F.R.S. Buckingham Street.
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from .\e» York to New London. I'atieiits, as a rule, ilo/e from time t..
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tracted with the juices that were dried up by the hot
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Infectioiui. — ilheumatic pains, swelling of the joints, tonsillitb, and,
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The Symptoms in Detail. — The local syncopcy the first stage, b the
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on the order of retention cysts. The vessels may show mural thickening.
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-'<. I'ili . tn.|.|ii.ri,..^i;iifN .■iIoiil; witii iiil i-.i\ . ii! i i.iil:i r |.r.-.Mn.- i-iii\.s |'i<,iri ilir<'i'
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has not been attained in most instances, as the writer knows from personal
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culosis than in any other ailment except insanity. This is sometimes the
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mon duct left open, some of the bile trains entry to the duodenum io
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