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hair along the margins of the wound should be shaved off, and the skin

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Scarlet fever can be communicated from one individual to another by in-

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breath may very closely resemble that noticed in some cases of diphtheria,

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there will be periods of normal or subnormal temperature.

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on the thigh it should be torn in strips six inches wide, but if for the

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pulse and temperature have reached their normal standard. From this

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ner the calculus, the more liable is obstruction to occur. In some cases

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racks, which were so open, that frequently, during the winter months,

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interval between the scalenus anticus and longus colli muscle, should

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condition of the patient's health will permit it. a fixed-dressing should

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toneal effusion. So intense may be the hypersemia that hemorrhagic soften-

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moid flexure of the colon. More or less paralysis of the muscular coat pre-

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Differential Diagnosis. — Lobar pneumonia may be confounded with pul-

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Treatment. — AH the so-called antiphlogistic remedies lessen, if they do

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efforts at pulling it down into the scrotum will be attended by good

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The first and perhaps the most constant symptom ^4iich is common to

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rated by them, cavities of varying sizes, resembling small abscesses, result.

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ration, the countenance is flushed and anxious, there is headache, loss of

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iting and shock. The patient writhes in agon} r , while he is covered

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of these lesions, the joint becomes a weak point, when, because of a

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attended by a rise in temperature, in proportion to the extent of lung in-

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advised if the bite of the reptile is very poisonous. Strong ammonia-

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when the portal trunk or vena cava is compressed. There are no subjective

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pertrophy may be developed as a result of this weakening and dilatation.

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or below it often induces acute oesophagitis. Chronic oesophageal catarrh

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this way the portal vein, and the splenic, pancreatic and hepatic arteries

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the muscles, rib lesions, and a more or less debilitated state, the circu-

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etc., which may so constrict the neck as to render reduction impossible.

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cavities have formed, the cough becomes "hollow" in character. Expec-

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