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are not observed. In eutameba tetragina thin metallic skum forms on the surface.
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enters these cracks, and the articles become a menace
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lence. Pulsation of the transverse faciei. No unusual pulsa-
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I think them unscientific, and, in my opinion, they can not be condemned
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homonymous hemianopsia, which not infrequently is misinter-
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contraction of the vessels going to other organs which are not in action at
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up, even for months in-succession, and yet a ^od delivery succeeds at
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longer at sea, the disease made no great progress. It is also
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fatal except one. Drs. Janeway and Shearer, Surgeons U. S. Army, report-
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healthy eye during the first time after a glaucoma operati
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1. Ai'agao, H. de B. — "Ueber den Entwickelungsgang iind die Ueber-
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i. e. he had to force it out of his pharynx. His pulse was
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though this is denied by Chauveau, is under the control of the upper
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pains and rumbling, and sluRgish action of the bowels. Carbo-veg. may
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why such cases should not be treated by purely expectant
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workshops, ships, railway carriages, etc. Division IV. Con-
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: given. There can be no doubt of a greatly diminished mortality by the use
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for the supply of the required energy, but the muscular tissue,
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Causes. — Neglected or obstinate catarrh, that will not yield
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later, hemorrhage came from the cut l)elow the sponge,
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Fowler, Dubuque, Iowa; E. E. Fyke, Centralia, 111.; J. C. Falk and E.
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washed and drained, strong and offensive odors connected with discharges sug-
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do not cross, whose shanks parallel are set in a cross bar of
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prevent. Painful micturition may be cause by the presence of vesicles
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The second objection is equally serious. During the
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youngest of four children. The elder sister was a rounded
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relieved and the patient was able to eat and sleep well and she felt well. Fol-
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July, I saw it quite well. On the 17th, it was found dead ; appa-
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ance by excluding individual health status but allowing
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Gov. Bd. 188L', Loud., 1883, xii, 92-97.— Oresswcll. Ee-
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