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the keynote for treatment. Similarly, whatever we may
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eighteen millions of square feet. There we have the ele-
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as it differs from ordinary neurasthenia in that it readily yields to suit-
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old, a primipara, was brought to his hospital, having been in
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recovered that he is most frequently subjected to the
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occluding the operated eye. The bed is placed in a corner of
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recommended by any one else. lie gives a report of three cases of
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shows considerable waddling movement and when she is standing up
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Dorsal Dislocation of the Hip.— The President presented
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ter to put a tube in unnecessarily than to delay too
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breadth below costal edge in mammary line. During his stay in
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unknown cause, gave rise to bronchial spasm ; that the essential
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and then, covering the vessel with a towel, holding the mouth and
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acid, and a 50 per cent, solution of nitrate of silver, in 5 minutes ; by
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islands of cartilage and hugged by the trabeculas of bone.
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their history and symptoms we were sure were specific, and how often
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al opportunity of studying tlie disease in the persons
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his urine. He discharged himselt" six weeks after the opera-
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quantity than one hundred grains, and yet has appeared abroad
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cases no pregnancy has again taken place ; and out of six, five of
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virus which he propagated from time to time, and one of the
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moved a piece for microscopical examination. Tlie only similar cases of which
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serious nature, are much better combated by treatment related
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chairs, etc., should be washed with a solution of bichloride of
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point was the termination, all these persons becomine
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sinus inflammation, gastro-intestinal derangements, resistant and
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learn than in the present day. The danger, however, is much
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to the one related by the author of the paper. The patient was
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that the applicant was awarded the "Alberto Levy prize" for the
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mencement of this treatise (pp. 78, 74,) carefully avoiding, moreover, all
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umbilicus) is the remains of the duct connecting the foetal bladder
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of a moral nature. For instance, such a patient making a general
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this time to Glasgow, and again the seizures ceased during
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