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army is on Austrian soil its special hospitals should be used as little
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first fatal case of cholera occurred there. This was in a girl, set. 8,
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and double monsters abound, developments which result
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action in the manner described by Percivall, who says — " In
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from others " was intimately concerned in the actual causation
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category, seven infections, is the most likely reason for the
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chair confinement by 1 1 to 12 years of age and early death
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cases. Uf the collection of fishes belonging to the Museum, the di-
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Dr. Davis, " it is important to distinguish between
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of the surface should precede its application. It is but
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for imputing mental unsoundness; but in a more advanced form of the
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Kohlensilure in der Luft, Arch. f. Hyg., 1893, xix, 38.
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dent that this is a delicate and difficult question,
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is estimated that from 5 to 10% of pellagrins become permanently insane.
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showed specimens illustrating the growth of tubercle bacilli in
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molecules have never been discovered ? This omission would
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hook seizes the hemorrhoids one after another, draws them down, and then
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of Customs at that port on the subject of the importation of
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ries, covered with a delicate down, of an agreeable acid
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tions capable of protecting the individual from infection.
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cases of purulent peritonitis associated with foul pus,
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It is, furthermore, important to know whether an individual
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without drainage is exceptionally indicated in cerebral or ex-
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step is the same. It consists in placing the patient upon an absolute
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not proof that this disease does not exist. We cannot exclude this disease
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Toll, served breakfast. Dr. Toll practised medicine with
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First we must take inventory of ourselves. Do we realize and

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