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the disease has changed, that its type, and more especially the febrile

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are indicated for this end. Other remedies are, chloroform in small doses,

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circulation. Lethal doses paralyze the heart muscle. The

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this large quantity of poison could have been wilfully admini

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in certain epidemics been of rather frequent occurrence, as, for example,

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inserted into the fascia of the forearm over the anconeus. If these

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side over the celebrated Pathological Society of that city.

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modifying chronic inflammatory processes, but in itself has no antiseptic

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But for anatomical reasons their accuracy may generally be doubted,

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tribuzione alia diasrnosi delle malattie dell' occhio in

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subphrenic abscess, pancreatic cyst, and pancreatic hemorrhage.

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mucus under peculiar circumstances; others, that they were

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smarting or irritation, effectually corrects the unpleas-

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recto- vaginal septum was restored, the blood vessels were

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be old that their minds are occupied in the thought of and prepara-

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Dr. Douglas moved that the committee rise and report the by-law as amended. Carried.

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ILLUSTRATIONS: Photographs and drawings for illustrations must be

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The right side of the heart seemed to be unable to relieve

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1' anno 188,5-0 : Sul mas.saggio. Rassegna di sc. med., Mo-

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sipidus, with the result of finding that the carbohydrates were

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the first, as Avell as the principal, symptom of the hydrocephalus of early

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the vessels, the high blood-pressure, and perhaps upon the toxemic

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of fever, as I am to remove headache ; one is almost as serious as the

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a sort of contagion, or in virtue of some epidemic atmospheric in-

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A marked tenderness was complained of when pressure

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tends to idiocy if present in infancy. It leads to rapid degeneration if

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of 2.4 per cent., during the course of the Pasteur treatment. Cabot,

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encouraged by the use of mineral waters, phosphate of sodium,

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a most curious spectacle, in the half-sitting posture, with

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symptoms persisted, and the cornea became blistered opposite

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