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roform is alarming or even fatal. I have repeatedly
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readily recognised by means of the x-rays, fictitious berries made
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vaccination. This and one or two other cases of the kind
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M.D., F.R.S., Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford University. England ;
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date of the next meeting be fixed between the 30th of May and
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to work upon — the original tissue was mesoblastic in type. I
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actual practice of medicine as a whole, CuUen says that it
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within its walls, and prosperity within its habitations."
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wave ; now affecting an air of superiority, and measuring the
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Proposition First.— Fracture of the rim of the acetabulum is an
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the first 10 days. The remainder is eliminated at a daily rate of less than one per
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William Whymper, Esq. Surgeon to the Coldstream Regiment
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admissible, is not at all appreciable, for an estimate of the in-
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only in consequence of the precipitation of the iodine in a molecular
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£20<Vi per annum. He was a man of liberal and eidightened understanding,
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leave of a brother practitioner, who for a time proceieds to a distant cli-
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and at times delirious; later abscesses frequently appear,
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the flour soup method has the advantage over others in that at the end it differentiates
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tation, of course, gives an area of greater transmission of ray, or a
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patient went home April 27, sixteen days after operation.
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terms measurable quantitatively ; but lest any one should
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disease occurs after delivery it is generally soon after it.
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ing freely, and keeps the softened chordao tendineas from completely
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The symptoms are abdominal pain, tenderness on palpa-
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i-itu tluid. lej^umin. trvpsini^ea brain tisMie, meat, and e-j,'. Such en-
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of a chronic character he employed them quite freely.
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tissues, but on the contrary, acts the part of a useful tissue stimulant.
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duced by the stroke on those substances, and which is so loud as to ob-
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hospital of England or Scotland, while in Ireland it seems alsoto

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